Alternative description of Data Jevko

Darius J Chuck

2021-12-10 12:45

Starting with the disambiguated Jevko grammar from the previous article1:

Value = *Subvalue Label
Subvalue = Label "[" Value "]"
Label = *Symbol
Symbol = Escape / %x0-5a / %x5e-d7ff / %xe000-10ffff
Escape = "\" ("\" / "[" / "]")

We can define Data Jevko descriptively as Jevko with the following restrictions placed on Value:

Any other shape is invalid Data Jevko.

The above description is expanded and formalized in this article.

  1. Primitive has been renamed here to Label to avoid confusion in the explanation that follows.↩︎

  2. Where blank means zero-length or containing only whitespace.↩︎